Why Should You Source Disposable Bamboo Cutlery?

Disposable bamboo cutlery has become incredibly popular in recent times. That is because many businesses and individuals are trying to shift to better alternatives than plastic.

You might also wonder about switching to such cutlery if you are running a catering business.

Of course, there are many things you need to consider before you source bamboo disposable cutlert, such as disposable bamboo spoons, forks, knives, and sporks. So, if you are wondering whether to source such cutlery or not, you are in the right place. Here is your complete guide to making an informed decision.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the best features of disposable bamboo cutlery is that it doesn’t require any chemicals or toxins in the manufacturing process.

The bamboo is not chemically treated, which means that it remains 100% non-toxic. Of course, this means that you can safely use the cutlery without worrying about your health and safety.

On the other hand, you will also find that the bamboo cutlery will naturally degrade in no time. For example, it will only take a few weeks for the bamboo cutlery to degrade within the environment. As that happens, it doesn’t harm the surrounding environment.

Harmless To The Human Body

Disposable bamboo cutlery is completely harmless to the human body. There are no chemicals or toxins that you ingest when you are using the utensils.

As a result, it doesn’t leach any harmful chemicals, even at high temperatures. You can use it for hot foods without worrying about any toxins leaking into the food. So, bamboo cutlery is completely harmless to the human body.

Another thing to keep in mind is that natural bamboo has incredible bactericidal properties, this is not available in disposable tableware of other materials.

Is Disposable Bamboo Cutlery Better Than Plastic?

Obviously yes!

When we consider the above two factors, you will realize that bamboo disposable tableware is much better than plastic. That is because plastic is harmful to the surrounding environment and the human body. On the other hand, bamboo tableware is biodegradable, which means it will not harm the environment.

Eco-friendly and healthy

Disposable bamboo cutlery is always the better choice.
Plastic leaches toxic chemicals at high temperatures. Because of this, it is not suitable for hot food and beverages, as such chemicals can harm the human body. When this happens for a long time, you can be at risk for cancer.


Bamboo cutlery has a much higher quality than plastic cutlery.
Plastic tableware is much weaker than bamboo disposable cutlery. If you use plastic cutlery with hard substances or at high temperatures, it can easily bend or get deformed. However, that is not the case with bamboo cutlery, as it will maintain its shape even at high temperatures.


Disposable Bamboo cutlery is incredibly aesthetic and stylish, as the design is sleek and minimal. Plastic cutlery is not that visually appealing, as it looks cheap. That is why if you want to provide your customers with beautiful and elegant cutlery, then you can opt for bamboo cutlery.

You can also decorate these utensils or mark your logo or brand design on them to ensure they look even better. So, if you are looking for a beautiful design, be sure to opt for disposable bamboo cutlery. Doing this will make the cutlery and the rest of the tableware look fantastic.


Disposable bamboo cutlery will always cost more than plastic cutlery. That is because it takes more resources and better-quality technology to create such utensils. Of course, if you want to be sustainable, you will have to pay this extra price to ensure your brand image.

Offers A Variety Of Options for Your Clients

Whether you are a tableware supplier or a restaurant owner, you have to provide your customers with a positive experience. One of the best ways to boost this experience is to provide them with various options. For example, you can provide customers with the option of different disposable cutlery, such as bamboo and paper.

Some of the most popular alternatives to plastic cutlery include disposable bamboo cutlery and disposable wooden cutlery. Both of these options are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and harmless to the human body. In the past, disposable wooden cutlery had become the norm.

Many major chains and catering companies were shifting to wooden or bamboo cutlery from plastic cutlery. So, you can also provide both of these options to your customers and let them decide. In the long run, it will enhance the customer experience, and they will be more willing to do business with you.

Global Usage Growth And Lucrative

In recent years, there has been a plastic ban on a global scale. People have become aware of the harmful effects of plastic on the environment and the human body. Because of this, plastic has received incredible resistance from the catering industry and consumers (even if its sales are still staggering).

As a result, consumers and industries are now shifting to disposable wooden and bamboo cutlery. Keep in mind that disposable wooden cutlery has a slightly lower cost than disposable bamboo cutlery. Because of this, its sales and usage are much higher as compared to bamboo utensils.

However, the cost of bamboo cutlery is higher because of the characteristics it offers. For example, disposable bamboo cutlery is highly resistant to stretching, stronger, and perform better at high temperatures. In some areas, consumers favor bamboo cutlery more than wooden cutlery.

Since 2010, the consumption of disposable wooden cutlery sets has been increasing by more than 20% each year. Of course, this also means that such utensils are highly profitable for tableware suppliers and distributors. Even you can shift to such cutlery if you want to reap high profits.

Your Competitors Also Source Disposable Bamboo Cutlery

If you want to remain relevant in the industry as a catering business or restaurant owner, you need to keep up with your competitors. You must understand their practices and use such ideas to do better for your business. Once you conduct research on your competitors, you will find that they also source disposable bamboo cutlery.

Especially tableware suppliers, they cover almost all materials of disposable tableware: plastic, pulp, wood, bamboo.

Here are some businesses that source disposable bamboo cutlery, and you should too:

Tableware Supplier

Large tableware suppliers buy large quantities of disposable bamboo cutlery in bulk and distribute them to restaurants. It will reduce the total cost, and you can provide it to businesses at a lower cost while reaping profits.

If you are working for a tableware supplier, you can also opt to purchase bamboo cutlery and supply it to various businesses and restaurants. Most tableware suppliers have shifted from plastic cutlery to disposable wooden and bamboo cutlery.

Environmental Tableware Retailer

In the 21st century, the concept of environmental protection has taken the world by storm. That is because everyone finally understands how our habits are affecting the planet, which is why we are taking steps to do better. Retailers are also focusing on environmentally friendly products and sourcing them to provide them to customers.

For example, you will find retailers of disposable bamboo cutlery in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, and many other such regions. One of the best things about such retailers is that they provide exquisite packaging for disposable bamboo cutlery. Because of this, consumers are also willing to buy such products from retailers.


Finally, the catering industry is one of the main consumer groups of bamboo disposable cutlery. For example, restaurants, coffee shops, dessert shops, takeaway restaurants, and much more are providing their customers with bamboo disposable cutlery. The catering industry consumes a significant amount of disposable bamboo cutlery each year.

Of course, compared with plastic disposable cutlery, the proportion of bamboo disposable tableware is not large, but the figure is still staggering. As the years pass by, this figure will only keep on increasing. That is because more and more businesses are shifting to such cutlery.

How To Get The Best Cost?

Bamboo disposable cutlery can be much more expensive than plastic cutlery and disposable wooden cutlery. However, there are a few ways you can follow to get the best cost.

Here are some of the top practices that will reduce your costs and help you get the best price for such cutlery:

Bulk Purchases

One of the best ways to get the best cost is to buy disposable bamboo cutlery in bulk. Almost all tableware suppliers provide businesses with bulk options that you can go for. When you purchase multiple cartons of disposable bamboo tableware, the price per unit will drop significantly.

Tableware suppliers also have a minimum order quantity that you need to opt for if you want to purchase such tableware. Such a quantity is there to motivate you to buy in bulk and reduce your cost. So, if you are running a large business, be sure to buy bamboo tableware in bulk to reduce your cost for a long time to come.

Sourcing From The Manufacturer

A great way to reduce your cost is to go directly to the source of the bamboo disposable cutlery. That is because if you opt for middlemen to provide you with such cutlery, your cost will increase because they charge extra. Once you cut the middleman, your cost will reduce too, so you can directly contact the factory that manufactures the bamboo cutlery.

Keep in mind that this will also require a better MOQ that you must opt for. You must go through all of their policies to make an informed decision before you select the right manufacturer for your bamboo disposable cutlery needs.

Where To Purchase High-Quality Disposable Bamboo Cutlery?

It is crucial to conduct extensive research and source high-quality disposable bamboo cutlery for your needs. We recommend that you opt for Ecoure to get the best wholesale disposable bamboo cutlery. It is biodegradable, BPA-free, food contact safe, and much more.

And Ecoure has specializedin this field more than 10 years.

The best part is that you can customize the bamboo disposable utensils according to your brand. In the long run, this will boost your brand image and customer experience for a long time to come. So, be sure to opt for high-quality disposable bamboo cutlery by Ecoure.

Final Thoughts

That was everything you needed to know about sourcing disposable bamboo cutlery as a restaurant owner, catering business, or more. Now you can make an informed decision about whether you want to source such cutlery or not.

Of course, if you want to remain relevant in the industry, you have to switch to better alternatives than plastic to ensure better customer retention and brand image for a long time to come.

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We are specialized in biodegradable disposable tableware manufacturing from 2010. If any questions, please feel free to send to us, we will do our best to solve your problem.

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