Why Are Disposable Wooden Cutlery Sets Made Of Birch?

Wooden cutlery has gained wide popularity, as its market size of it is around $9 billion. People use wooden bowls, spoons, trays, and much more for cooking and eating.

Disposable wooden cutlery can be seen everywhere in the food industry, such as restaurants, hotels, takeaway shops, dessert shops, coffee shops, and food trucks, etc.

The best part about a wooden cutlery set is that it is incredibly affordable and they are not harmful to the environment and human body. Over ten billion sets of disposable wooden cutlery are used worldwide annually.

A fact is tha almost all disposable wooden cutlery is made of birch, as it accounts for 98% of sales.
So, why is birch wooden cutlery so popular? Let’s dive in.

What Is Birch?

Before we understand the reason for its popularity, we must know what birch is.

Birch is a thin-layered deciduous hardwood tree that comes from the Betula genus, from the Betulaceae family. This wood is versatile and tough, and it grows rapidly, which is why it is widely distributed.

The tree is found in most countries. Yellow and white birch is the most readily available, and most wooden cutlery is made of these types. It has many uses and characteristics that make it one of the most popular woods out there.

What Are Characteristics Of Birch?

The characteristics of the birch will help you understand why this is the ideal choice for a wooden cutlery set. These characteristics ensure a steady supply and production that guarantee that this wood is readily available in the market.

Here are some top characteristics of this wood:

Grows Fast

One of the top characteristics of birch trees is that they grow fast. Because of this, birch is readily available, and you will find them in many places.

Birch is widely distributed as it grows in many places of the world. For example, many species of this tree grow throughout Europe, and most place of China. This is the reason that there are no supply issues with birch. And it is easy to create and distribute wooden cutlery of this material.

Birch Is A Hardwood

Birch is a hardwood, and it is used for making cutlery and even furniture. The wooden cutlery made of birch is durable and strong. The best part about brich is its appearance, as it has a fine grain and pale color that makes for beautiful cutlery.

Birch Wood Is Durable

Birch wood is incredibly strong and durable. When you invest in a birch wooden cutlery set, it will last you a long time to come. So, if you want durable cutlery, you can opt for this material.

Uses Of Birch

A great thing about birch is that it has a lot of uses and applications that make it a versatile wood. For example, it can be used for everything from wooden cutlery sets to furniture and much more.

Here are some of the top uses of birch that make it an incredible material:

1. Furniture Cabinets

Birch wood has a fine grain and texture with a pale color that makes it ideal for furniture. It also has an attractive satin sheen that makes it look even more aesthetic.

Almost all furniture stores will offer you cabinets of this material. If you are looking for a strong, durable, and attractive material, then you can opt for birch.

2. Birch Plywood

There are many plywood panels made of birch that you can opt for. It is one of the most dimensionally stable and strongest plywood you will find. Besides that, it has many good properties, such as being strong, light, and much more.

The birch plywood is also laminated from birch veneer. So, if you want stable and strong plywood, you can opt for birch plywood for your use.

3. As Food

Yes, you might be surprised to see this on the list, but the inner bark of birch can be used as food in case of emergencies. You can even eat it raw as an emergency food. For example, you can dry and grind the birch into flour.

Besides that, another way you can consume it as food is by using the juice of the inner bark. You can drink it, or you can turn it into syrup to consume with other food. So, the application of this wood also extends to food.

4. Wooden Cutlery

The last but most extensive application, many manufacturers create wooden cutlery from birch, as it is an environmentally friendly option.

The edible character of birch wood ensures that it doesn’t contain any toxins. Besides that, the wood is free of any heavy metals or plastics.

That is why a wooden cutlery set will also be beneficial to your health for a long time. It is also a much better alternative to plastic cutlery, as the material is not harmful to the environment. This is why many people are switching towards birch wooden cutlery for daily use.

Advantages Of Birch Wooden Cutlery

In addition to wooden tableware, bamboo tablewaqre is also very popular, especially bamboo utensils. For the expensive woods such as oak, they are used for utensils rather than disposables.

However, among the disposable biodegradable cutlery, birch wooden cutlery accounts for more than 80%, and they are all made of birch.

Here are some of the top advantages of birch wooden cutlery:


Birch wood cutlery is known for its durability throughout disposable cutlery industr. It is far stronger than plastic cutlery, and you don’t have to worry about it buckling when drinking hot soup.

Many restaurants, dessert shops or cutlery retailers are happy to choose birch cutlery because they don’t get complaints about low quality.

Exquisite Appearance

When you invest in wooden cutlery, you want it to offer you function and aesthetics. After all, if you are from the restaurant, café, or hotel industry, you want to serve your guests food with aesthetic cutlery. That is where birch wooden cutlery sets shine the most.

Birch is also known for its light brown and reddish color. Besides that, it has a fine-grain texture that makes it one of the most popular woods for different applications. The birch wood cutlery will have a sophisticated look that will ensure your customers can dine fine in no time.

Good Machinability

Many restaurants and cafes want a certain look for their wooden cutlery, such as the shape of a Christmas tree, or displaying their logo.

Birch is a great material because it polishes easily and it absorbs most of stains. Because of this, you can customize the cutlery according to your business needs and give it a look you want.

There are endless types of birch wooden cutlery sets in the market that you can opt for. Of course, the one you select will depend on the look you want. You will easily find affordable cutlery with the aesthetic you require.


Birch wood is readily available throughout the world. The tree grows in many places, which means that supplying the manufacturers with this material is not difficult. The manufacturers of wooden cutlery can source large quantities of birch for production without any issue.

So, you will find many manufacturers that will offer you birch wooden cutlery in different designs, styles, shapes, sizes, and much more. The key is to do your research and find a manufacturer that will fulfill all your needs.


Other types of hardwood, such as oak, they are so expensive as raw materials for disposable cutlery. On the other hand, birch is an affordable wood that will not break the funds.

As of now, bamboo cutlery is highly popular in the market.However, when you compare bamboo and birch cutlery, you will find that birch cutlery has a lower cost. This is also the reason why many manufacturers choose birch for disposable wooden cutlery.

So, if you want to save costs in the long run, or get a more competitive price, you can opt for birch wooden cutlery.

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Shortcomings Of Birch Wooden Cutlery

While there are endless advantages of birch wooden cutlery, there are also some obvious disadvantages of using this material. For example, it is easy for the birch wood to breed bacteria if you leave it in a humid environment. That is why it is crucial to store the cutlery properly in a cool and dry place so that such bacteria do not emerge.

Besides that, birch is loose and porous, and it will absorb all the moisture and oil stains easily when scrubbing or drinking. That is why you need to clean it properly. If you don’t do this, then it will easily produce bacteria that will harm your health for a long time.

That’s why birch is always made into disposable cutlery, because they are thrown away after use, perfectly circumventing these drawbacks.

Why Are Disposable Wooden Cutlery Is Mostly Made Of Birch?

So, there are reasons disposable wooden cutlery is mostly made of birch. Let’s summarize.

Safe And Non-Toxic

Birch is a safe and non-toxic material because it comes from the birch tree. As you consume meals with this tableware, it will cause no burden to your body. For example, using plastic or other materials with heavy metals can take a toll on your body in the long run.

Low Carbon Footprint

Many manufacturers and consumers are moving towards environmentally friendly products as our planet go through a climate crisis

That is why you must also do your part in making a difference by using low-carbon footprint items, such as wooden cutlery. Plastic is highly damaging to the environment and is one of the top reasons for the pollution.

On the other hand, birch wooden cutlery will not damage the environment in this way. So, be part of a positive change and do your part in ensuring that we live on a better planet.

Widely Distributed

Birch is distributed all over the world. Less than one ten-millionth of the total bitch is used for the production of wooden cutlery each year. The wood is numerous, and wooden cutlery factories will easily find wooden cutlery of this material in no time.

Easy To Process

Producing the birch wooden cutlery is not too challenging, as it is easy to process and manufacture.

This is why many manufacturers also opt for this material, as birch wooden cutlery is easy to custom and print logo. Because of this, you will find that most of the disposable wooden cutlery set is available in birch, include wooden forks, spoons, knives.


Finally, birch disposable wooden cutlery will cost much less than the other wooden cutlery you will find in the market.

Even disposable bamboo cutlery is much more expensive, as disposable wooden cutlery, birch is high quality and affordable.

These are really good reasons to select birch disposable wooden cutlery for your business or your home, right? So don’t forget to opt for these cutlery sets and enhance your home or your business.

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