Why Are Bamboo Forks And Spoons Selling So Well?

Disposable bamboo forks and spoons are increasingly common in restaurants. Almost all businesses that need disposable cutlery, such as fast food chains, takeaway shops, dessert shops, hotels, always bulk buy disposable bamboo forks and spoons.

This is the reason why disposable cutlery is selling well. You might also want to wonder why they are growing in popularity as compared to other cutlery.

Plastic Ban

Many countries have banned plastic or are in the process of banning single-use plastic. We can see this trend growing in developed countries as they pay more attention to protecting the environment. When the ban started, it was only for unnecessary plastic products and disposable plastic shoppers.

People have paid more attention to environmental protection and health since then. Because of this, even the disposable tableware industry has changed its patterns. They are working on providing more sustainable options.

Among disposable tableware suppliers, the proportion of plastic tableware has dropped from 95% to 50%. Yes, the use of single-use plastic cutlery is still high, and it is because of the low cost.

Fortunately, plastic cutlery is no longer the only option at your disposal. Tthe use and sale of disposable bamboo and wooden cutlery have surged in recent times, and in the near future, it is expected to surpass plastic cutlery. Among these options, disposable bamboo cutlery has gained the most popularity.

So, Plastic bans around the world have been a significant contributor to this trend.

Consumers Are More Willing To Choose Disposable Bamboo Forks And Spoons

Consumers have certain patterns that they follow based on their attitudes and tastes. Recent years, there has been a shift towards disposable bamboo forks and spoons. Of course, there are many reasons for this shift.

Here are some of the top reasons we will discuss in detail:

Awakening Of Environmental Awareness

Biodegradable disposable spoons and forks are highly sought after by consumers more than plastic cutlery. Because of this, even tableware suppliers are shifting to disposable bamboo cutlery. Even though the cost of plastic cutlery is lower for merchants, more of them are willing to be more socially responsible and make the switch.

Besides that, takeaway, fast food, dessert shops, and other such businesses opt for bamboo cutlery because it enhances their brand influence and customer experience. Bamboo cutlery looks and feels much better, which can make all the difference to customers.

For example, McDonald’s and KFC, the two biggest fast food chain brands, issued a statement as early as 2016 to switch to disposable wooden and bamboo spoons instead of plastic. Such measures have protected the environment and alleviate the plastic crisis.

If more businesses take this stand, then we can do something about the plastic crisis that has taken over our planet. This is why you must also shift to disposable bamboo forks and spoons if you want to do your part in making a change.

Pay More Attention To Health

Another reason why people and brands have shifted to disposable bamboo cutlery is that they are taking care of health. It is no secret that plastics can release chemicals like BPA when exposed to high temperatures.

BPA is a carcinogenic chemical that is not easily metabolized by the body. Because of this, long-term exposure to plastic tableware can harm human health.

On the other hand, disposable bamboo forks and spoons are made of natural bamboo. Besides that, the material doesn’t go through any additional chemical treatments during the manufacturing process. Of course, this means you can rest safe knowing that bamboo cutlery has no chemicals.

Customers that are more conscious of their health will always opt for bamboo cutlery over plastic cutlery. You can see this from the sales of bamboo forks and spoons and the import volume of major countries. For example, from 2010 to 2021, the global sales of disposable bamboo forks and spoons increased by more than 30% each year.

If you are a business that wants to cater to health-conscious consumers, then you can shift to disposable bamboo cutlery. It will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Product Performance

High product performance is also one of the top reasons consumers and businesses are shifting to disposable bamboo forks and spoons. Bamboo is an material that offers incredible performance with its use. Here are some features of disposable bamboo forks and spoons:

1. Lightweight

The primary aim of disposable cutlery is to ensure portability and ease of use. Because of this, bamboo is a great choice because such forks and spoons are equally lightweight. You will have no trouble distributing this cutlery to your customers or transporting it from one place to another.

So, businesses such as takeaway shops can make the most use of these forks and spoons. Besides that, you can also provide such cutlery to customers that opt for delivery orders. It will not add a lot of weight to the orders, and distribution will be a breeze.

2. High-Temperature Resistance

Hot food and liquids are part of any catering or restaurant business. This is why you need cutlery that can withstand high temperatures without changing shape or form.

Plastic cutlery leaches chemicals at high temperatures and changes shape if it is left in high temperatures for too long.

In contrast to this, bamboo is highly resistant to high temperatures as it will not change its shape or form. Whether you are serving hot liquids, soups, or food, you can opt for disposable bamboo cutlery. And bamboo cutlery doesn’t transfer heat, which means there is no risk of being scalded.

3. Strong

Tensile strength is what determines the strength of a material, and bamboo is even stronger than steel in terms of tensile strength. For example, steel has a tensile strength of 23,000 pounds per square inch, bamboo has a tensile strength of 28,000 pounds per square inch

This means that bamboo cutlery will not be out of shape within the foods or liquids. Besides that, they will also stay safe during transportation as they can handle a lot of load.

Apparently, disposable bamboo forks and spoons can stave off customer complaints about flimsy plastic cutlery.

4. Non-Toxic

Bamboo is a natural material, and disposable bamboo cutlery doesn’t contain any chemicals. It is a non-toxic product that doesn’t go through any additional chemical treatments during the manufacturing process. Because of this, bamboo forks and spoons will not bring health concerns to customers

5. Beautiful

Aesthetics are incredibly important in the food business because everything goes on social media. People take pictures, post them, and other people see them and make up their minds about them. This is why it is crucial to have the right supplies to enhance the aesthetics of your business.

Bamboo cutlery looks much more exquisite than plastic cutlery because it is made of a natural material. The appearance is natural and earthy, and it goes with all kinds of themes and décor items. This is why many restaurants and businesses have switched to bamboo forks and spoons.

6. Biodegradable

Of course, it doesn’t get better than the fact that bamboo is a biodegradable material. Typically, disposable bamboo cutlery will naturally degrade within 180 days. The best part is that you can shorten this time even further if they are put together in a commercial composting machine.

So, you can decide how you want to dispose of the bamboo cutlery once you are done using it. No matter what method you choose, it will not harm the surrounding environment in any way.

Contribute to the protection of the environment at a low cost. Both the tableware suppliers and the catering industry should shoulder such social responsibilities.

7. Easy To Print Logo

Finally, you can laser the logo of your brand on disposable bamboo forks and spoons. Such ease will enable you to boost your brand influence and awareness as your customers will remember your brand. You can also choose to print your logo on the packaging, depending on what you prefer.

Which is why bamboo cutlery is a great choice for your branding needs. It will enable you to incorporate branding in small ways that make a significant difference.

Show the disposable bamboo cutlery set

Don’t forget to use the power of branding on bamboo cutlery for your business.

Wide Application of Disposable Bamboo Forks and Spoons

Bamboo cutlery has a wide range of applications, no matter what type of consumer you are. For example, disposable bamboo forks and spoons can be used by:

  • Restaurant chains
  • Takeaway businesses
  • Dessert shops
  • Fast food industry
  • Wedding event planners
  • Picnics
  • Party setups

Bamboo cutlery can be used in almost any eating situation, which is one of the reasons it is such a best seller.

Where Can I Buy Bamboo Forks And Spoons?

By now, you might be wondering where you can buy bamboo forks and spoons. Well, the answer depends on the type of consumer you are and why you need the cutlery. This is why we have divided the answer into three categories.

You can see which category you fit and then decide where you can purchase the bamboo forks and spoons from:

For Individual Consumers

Individual consumers will easily find disposable bamboo cutlery at supermarkets, tableware retailers, and environmental product retailers. You could visit the nearest supermarket and find such cutlery in no time.

For The Catering Industry

The catering industry has a large requirement for bamboo cutlery that they need. Because of this, you can purchase from local tableware suppliers. Besides that, large chain brands can also try to find bamboo cutlery manufacturers.

For Tableware Suppliers

Finally, tableware suppliers in the middle of the industrial chain play a significant role. They purchase in large volumes and are price sensitive. This is why you must collaborate with a manufacturer to get more competitive disposable bamboo forks and spoons.

Final Thoughts

That was everything you needed to know about why bamboo forks and spoons are growing in popularity.

Be sure to go through our collection of bamboo cutlery and decide if it is the right choice for you. We provide the best disposable options for our customers to make the right choice. So, don’t forget to go through our website for various tableware options.

How to Bulk Disposable Wooden & Bamboo Spoons from China?

But how to find a reliable and price competitive disposable wooden & bamboo cutlery supplier in China? This is probably what bothers most people.

Here is a 3000-word guide to help you understand step by step.


We are specialized in biodegradable disposable tableware manufacturing from 2010. If any questions, please feel free to send to us, we will do our best to solve your problem.

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