What Are Bagasse Plates? All Your Queries Answered

We will be talking about bagasse plates in this article. We will start with a discussion on what these plates are made of and then move on to other topics.

We will also be addressing some of the commonly asked questions. These questions concern the uses of bagasse plates, their sustainability and benefits.

What are bagasse plates?

Bagasse plates are compostable disposable plates made from sugarcane fiber. They are strong, water & oil resistant, suitable for hot and cold food.

Basic features of bagasse plates

Some features of bagasse plates make them stand out amongst the rest. Some of these are summarised as follows

  • They can be used for both hot and cold items and are most suitable for a temperature range of -25°C to 220°C
  • They are sturdy and lack flexibility which is for the most part a major benefit as it helps you eat comfortably
  • They don’t require any sort of plastic or wax lining

What is bagasse?

Bagasse which is also referred to as sugarcane pulp is a by-product of the sugarcane industry. This pulp is a fibrous substance that is left behind once the sugarcane plant is harvested.

In previous times when the real value of bagasse was not known, it was often left to rot away or disposed of but today it is being used in many industries for example as fuel for factories and the production of paper products, plates, and other materials.

Are bagasse plates durable?

Bagasse plates are popular in the market because of their durability. Compared to conventionally paper plates they are much stronger. For this reason, they help people eat with greater comfort without having to worry about spilling food.

Imagine having to eat on a paper plate outside on a windy day! You’re bound to spill some food over yourself!

Will bagasse plates leak?

The chances of these plates leaking are very low since they offer good resistance against both water and oil.

Are bagasse plates safe?

All bagasse products including plates are safe to use. One of the biggest benefits of bagasse plates is the health advantage.

Conventionally made plastic plates contain chemicals such as dioxins and biphenyl which can be disease-causing while bagasse does not contain any such material.

As a raw material, bagasse is very common and easy to handle. It does not need to go through dozens of procedures like other materials, the procedure for bagasse tableware is very simple:

  1. Bagasse cooking
  2. Bagasse pulp screening
  3. Pressing molding
  4. Disinfect

Chemicals free makes it harmless to your health.

What are the uses of bagasse plates?

Bagasse plates can be used for eating on different occasions as well as for daily usage.

1. Bagasse plates for dinner

Having to clean up after dinner after a long tiring day can be a hustle, especially for those who have dinner right before going to bed.

In such a case, single-use plastic plates can look like an ideal option but it’s not a very eco-friendly choice. So, you can use the disposable bagasse plates and enjoy dinner peacefully with your family. This way you don’t have to wash up too much and you have no guilt of contributing to plastic waste.

2. Camping

Bagasse plates are also great to take along with camping. This way even if you leave some of your waste behind accidentally, it will break down naturally within about 90 days.

So, the camp will not be wasted and you won’t have to do any washing up either so you can enjoy all the fun activities you planned with peace of mind!

Note: Using bagasse plates is in no way an excuse to leave behind your trash. It is just for exceptions when you are unable to carry it and dispose of it off in a proper place or when you leave it behind accidentally!

3. Party

Disposable bagasse plates are an absolute necessity at any party as it is convenient for both guests and the house and relatively more hygienic too.

It helps people avoid direct physical contact so is ideal for the times we live in with viruses and other diseases breaking out.

4. Wedding

Most wedding rental companies offer plastic cutlery but do you think it’s fun eating barbecue or something fancy on a plastic plate?

Well, I’d say most would answer certainly not! So, bagasse plates can make for excellent wedding tableware. The best part is you can even get your wedding motif printed on it for the aesthetics!

5. Craft

Apart from the directly related practical uses mentioned above of bagasse plates, the craft is another creative way you can put bagasse plates to use! Here are some common uses:

  • Drawing board
  • Making a sundial
  • Turn a plate into a calendar
  • Diy kids toys

Benefits of using bagasse plates

Now that we have discussed some of the main uses of bagasse plates, let’s talk about the benefits accompanied with using them.

1. Much more healthy for you

Using Bagasse plates for everyday use comes not only with the reassurance of doing something good for the environment but also your physical health.

Generally, plastic plates that are used by many people for eating purposes, emit toxins that can leach into your food. This can result in health damage. Often people tend to ignore these minor details mainly because the consequences aren’t evident but in the long run, it can cause a lot of damage to the human body.

So, as a business owner by selling bagasse plates you can care for the health and well-being of consumers who purchase from you.

2. Good for composting

These bagasse plates are biodegradable which implies that they can be added to compost piles and used to improve the fertility of the soil present in home gardens.

This benefit is ideal for eco-friendly consumers who are trying to make positive changes toward the sustainability direction due to an increase in awareness as it will help them contribute significantly less towards the landfills that are filled with plastic.

3. Good for the ocean

The sad truth is that just like the landfills, the oceans too have unfortunately become home to tons and tons of plastic.This plastic waste contains different materials and plates are one of them.

So keeping a reasonable approach, switching to non-plastic plates such as bagasse plates, can help you reduce the amount of wastage in the oceans. This will also help restore the damage that has been inflicted on the marine ecosystem.

4. Microwave and freezer friendly

Bagasse plates are not just biodegradable and compostable but also microwave and freezer friendly!

This is because the process of bagasse plate is free of chemicals meaning that it does not react with the food inside that is being heated when the temperature inside is high. This can be a major attraction for consumers because with busy lives convenience is now always on demand and plates that can not be directly popped in the microwave for a quick heat up or directly put in the fridge lack the convenience factor.

5. Help you save energy

Producing bagasse plates uses significantly less energy compared to plastic-based ones. This can help businesses cut down their production costs.

Moreover, because our planet is already running short of energy, replacing plastic plates with sustainable alternatives such as the bagasse plate would be ideal to suit our needs better.

More Advantages of Bagasse Products

Want to know more about the benefits of bagasse plates?

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s now proceed towards the next part of the article, the frequently asked questions that will help sort out any questions that you have left regarding these bagasse plates!

Are bagasse plates environmentally sustainable?

This is a major concern amongst many eco-friendly consumers. As mentioned above, yes bagasse plates are completely environmentally sustainable because they are both biodegradable and compostable. Bagasse plates are even considered to be the most eco-friendly material available in the food service industry.

Can bagasse plates be recycled?

While this is not a popular practice, bagasse plates can be recycled.

Can bagasse plates be burnt?

There is no need to burn bagasse plates because you can simply compost them. Burning can prove to be dangerous both for yourself if you are doing it at home and for the environment.

Importance of sustainable selling for business

Gives your company a competitive edge

Businesses that are involved in sustainable manufacturing and selling gain an ultimate competitive edge since sustainability in business models is considered to be reflective of well-regulated business management systems.

Moreover, such businesses are also agreed upon as well acquainted with the latest needs and trends.

With awareness of sustainability on the rise, sustainable selling has become more important than ever.

Conforms to environmental regulations

Many Governments do not only encourage sustainable business practices but have made them mandatory in many parts of the world, therefore by selling sustainable products such as bagasse plates, you will be conforming to environmental regulations.

Attracts new employees

Having strong policies within the business helps you attract talented people as employees are always eager to associate themselves with businesses that have a good reputation in the market.

Hope this article has proven to be a resourceful guide, helping clear out any doubts revolving around bagasse plates.

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