Sustainability Statement from Ecoure

We walk steadfastly in the direction of sustainability

What is sustainability?

Sustainability aims to protect the human and ecological health of our natural environment while driving innovation rather than undermining our way of life. It is a wide range of disciplines, from business to technology to environmental and social sciences. The modern world seeks to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and a sustainable, recyclable life and economy. Sustainability and environmental awareness are priorities for many companies.

Sustainability is not just environmentalism, it means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet them. Sustainability includes environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, and social sustainability, thus maintaining the coordinated development of the whole human society, economy and the earth’s environment.

As a production-oriented enterprise, especially a manufacturer focusing on environmentally friendly biodegradable products. We have an obligation to sustainable productive, economic and social activities. That’s why this page exists.

Mission and Vision

Ecoure is insignificant in a global enterprise. But this does not affect our determination to promote environmentally sustainable development. We are in a special industry, This requires us to go further in sustainability.


Ecoure will convert all products to compostable by 2025.


Provide more easily selected compostable products to distributors, enterprises and consumers. Achieve zero waste and nourish the soil.

What can we do?

Compostable products only

Fortunately, compostable products have always been our core product line. We don’t need to go through difficult reforms and transformations like century-old companies.

As of June 2022, 90% of our products including paper plates, paper cups, paper bowls, paper trays, takeout boxes, etc., are fully compostable and they are made from bagasse. The other products are made from corn starch, which typically degrades 60% to 80% in natural conditions.

In the next few years, we will completely eliminate the production of cornstarch tableware and food packaging, which is not a problem for us. It just takes some time to convince customers to sourcing compostable bagasse tableware.

Sustainable Manufacturing

As a manufacturer, the impact on the environment in the production process can not be ignored. Since 2000, the Chinese government has attached great importance to manufacturers’ control of noise pollution, water pollution and chemical pollution, and remarkable results have been achieved.

At Ecoure, we always adhere to environmentally friendly production, and ISO9001 approved:

  • All compostable products are made from bagasse and are free of chemical contamination
  • Slag removal, filtration are the producing requirements, the resulting water is fully usable for agricultural irrigation
  • Trees are planted in the southeast and northwest of the plant to block noise

Sourcing Compostable Tableware

Start the compostable products today, promoting economic and environmental sustainability with Ecoure.