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Disposable Wooden Cutlery

Ecoure produces disposable wooden cutlery, include spoons, forks, knives, sporks and other.

Common sizes: 140mm, 160mm, and 185mm.

We cooperate with tableware suppliers, distributors, supermarkets, and fast food chains all year round.

Welcome to inquire about the following products!

Disposable wooden cutlery set with napkin individually wrapped

160mm Disposable Wooden Cutlery with Napkin

Individually Wrapped
SKU: ER-WC160k41

Disposable wooden cutlery set individually wrapped

160mm Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set

Individually Wrapped
SKU: ER-WC160K31

Disposable wooden spoon individually wrapped

160mm Disposable Wooden Spoons

Individually Wrapped

Disposable wooden fork individually wrapped

160mm Disposable Wooden Forks

Individually Wrapped

160mm Disposable Wooden Knives

Individually Wrapped

Disposable wooden spoons bulk in OPP bag

160mm Disposable Wooden Spoons Bulk

Bulk in OPP bag

Disposable wooden forks bulk in OPP bag

160mm Disposable Wooden Forks Bulk

Bulk in OPP bag

Disposable wooden knives bulk in OPP bag

160mm Disposable Wooden Knives Bulk

Bulk in OPP bag

Visit The Main Producing Process

From raw materials to finished products, we strictly follow the ISO 9001 system.

How Do We Deliver Value to Your Business?

Ecoure goal is to make the disposable wooden cutlery purchasing process easier than ever.
We take care of all the work, including production, shipping, documentation and Customs clearance.

1. Top Quality

Strict quality control, no customer complaints

2. Free Samples

Get free sample to check the quality

3. Fast Delivery

50,000 square meters factory support fast delivery

4. Get Goods Easily

We provide safe transportation and documents

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More Authoritative Choice

Ecoure is  the safer choice.
Not only in product strength, but also in more stable supply management system.

Forest Stewardship Council Approved

FSC Approved

The Forest Stewardship Council is the leader in sustainable forestry. The FSC label is the world’s authoritative mark for sustainable. This means Ecoure’s products are trustworthy.

Ecoure supply disposable wooden spoons for McDonald's branch

Supply for Brands and Costco

Getting into the supply chain of multinational corporations is a very difficult task, glad we did it. This makes our team communication, service, and coordination to a higher level.

What They Say

We’ve worked with thousands of company and retailers, have witnessed each other’s growth, cheers!

As a brand representative, I was googling about disposable wooden cutlery, I found Ecoure. They are really professional and handle everything, thanks for making my sourcing easier. Ecoure always make me feel safe, their service and products are much better than other Chinese suppliers.

Robert Wobben

We visited Ecoure factory in July 2019, were impressed with their advanced equipment and supply management. Alex was very helpful and I highly recommend Ecoure. I order disposable wooden cutlery from several different companies, and theirs was the real birch wood, not fiber which bend easily.

Sean Gotkin

Always got products free of damage on transportation, on-time delivery allowed us to catch the Christmas. Very satisfied with the supplier and their coordination. We have been working for some time now, their representative has helped us with our journey a lot.

Joanne Kloe


How do you guarantee product quality?

As mentioned earlier, we have a strict quality control system;
We have passed the third-party inspection by many customers;
FDA, BRC, LFGB, CE,BPI approved;
For bulk orders, we will provide you with testing report before shipping.

What customization options do you provide?

We offer many customization options thanks to advanced tooling and printing machines.

  • Customizations of shape , length, thinckness
  • Lasering logo on disposable wood cutlery
  • Color box
What is the minimum order quantity?

We take our clients seriously, even if they just plan to place a small order. We believe this is a good start, so, please feel free to contact us.

What is the payment method?

Our main method of payment is T/T(telegraphic transfer).
In some cases, we also accept Western Union, Paypal and credit cards, our quotes not include the handle fee.

What is your return policy?

We have advanced automatic production and inspection machines, which can ensure the high quality of products. However, collision during transportation may bring risks.

In a word, you always can get the refund with the non-human damaged.