10 Advantages of Bagasse Plates: Why Choose it?

Bagasse plate, also called sugarcane plate, is a kind of paper plate made from sugarcane fiber. Plates made entirely from bagasse are compostable and replace the harmful plastic plates once and for all.

Bagasse plates can provide all the benefits and utility of plastic and other paper plates, without any environmental side effects. Now we’ll look at more benefits of bagasse plates.

Easy to use and lightweight

The lazy economy is what drives retail manufacturing today, so paper plates have been in widespread use for decades. Bagasse plates have the obvious advantages of paper plate: disposable, easy to use and light weight. The convenience of use has become one of the important evaluation of consumers.

Bagasse plate has had phenomenal sales on Amazon, “Easy to use” and “Light weight” features are rated near perfect.

There was a review of bagasse plates

Bagasse plates save time by eliminating the need to wash dishes. You will happy to bring some bagasse plates when you plan to go camping. 100pcs 9-inch bagasse plates only weigh 1.5kg and will not cause any burden on your camping trip. Enjoy a leisurely day and no washing dishes.

Sturdy, waterproof & oil proof (no coating)

Compared with plastic plates, traditional disposable paper plates have obvious disadvantages, as they are less strong and less oil-resistant.

To solve this problem, paper plate manufacturers cover the plate with a film to increase water and oil resistance. This, however, comes with other drawbacks:

  • The coating is toxic
  • Non-microwavable
  • Non-biodegradable

Unlike most paper plates, bagasse plates don’t leak.
The process of sugarcane fiber pulping is not difficult. After being moulded and pressed, the typical 9-inch bagasse plate weighs 15g, it is much stronger and more oil-resistant than a other disposable paper plates.

Some customers also need 9-inch heavy duty bagasse plate weighs 18g or heavier.

Want to know the specific performance of bagasse plates? Please play this test video (3 minutes)

Bagasse plates are microwave safe

As mentioned above, bagasse plate does not have the coating or wax layer found in traditional paper plate. The process of bagasse plate is chemical-free, it does not react with the food inside when heated at high microwave temperatures.

While heating food, avoid the coating above the chemical volatilization of toxins.

Of course, bagasse plates can also be refrigerated, they are highly resistant to both high and low temperatures.

It’s worth noting that patterned plates are not recommended to be put in the microwave. See the article below for which paper plates are microwave-safe.

Can Paper Plates Go in the Microwave Safely?

To understand if can paper plates go in the microwave, we must first know how microwaves work and what materials can’t handle the heat.

Bagasse plates are compostable

Environmental protection as the hottest topic has been into the public life. Eco-friendly tableware is being used more and more than plastic tableware.

Biodegradable plates are major sourcing eco-friendly products for consumers and wholesalers, such as cornstarch plates, wood fiber plates, bamboo fiber plates, palm plates, bagasse plates. Bagasse plates are the best compostable plates.

Plastic plate material is Styrofoam. The main drawback of styrofoam is that it is really difficult to degrades. Plastic plates will take up to 400 years to degrade, it is bad for environmental sustainability.

Bagasse biodegrades normally within 90 days, is therefore commonly used by food distributors around the world.

Don’t worry about any negative effects the bagasse plates might have on the environment. You can discard bagasse plates to your garden or commercial composting pile, and it biodegrades normally within 90 days due to exposure to microbial fungi and bacteria.

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Multiple application scenarios

Now we know the properties of bagasse plates:

  • Easy to use, suitable for any occasion
  • Stronger than paper plates
  • Waterproof and oil proof
  • No plastic, no coating or wax
  • Microwavable safe and non-toxic
  • Serve hot and cold food
  • Compostable

Sturdy bagasse plates will not fall apart even when filled with your delicious meal, can provide more delicious, succulent and creamy food without leaking.

Bagasse plates are suitable for almost all occasions: daily meals, restaurant, takeout orders, birthday parties, family gatherings, Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners, weddings, barbecues, camping, etc.

Therefore commonly used by food package distributors and wholesalers around the world.

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Better sustainability

As compostable plates, bagasse plates make outstanding contribution to the sustainable development of environment.

Bagasse plates are rapidly biodegradable and do not release harmful chemicals.They are different from plastic plates, won’t pollute the environment for hundreds of years to come.

Besides, compostable and biodegradable are not exactly the same. Unlike other paper plates with coating which often contain chemicals that can intrude on the soil.

Bagasse plates not only degrade naturally in a short period of time, but also provide chemical-free nutrients to the soil.

With the increasing demand for eco-friendly restaurant supplies, buy/wholesale compostable bagasse plate is an effective way to stay ahead of competitors, and in line with the environmental sustainability.

Reducing carbon footprint

In many agricultural Countries, the stock of bagasse is huge amount, the most common usage is to be burned.

Unfortunately, burning bagasse produces a lot of carbon dioxide, which greatly increases greenhouse gas emissions. Excess carbon dioxide could overheat the Earth and increases the greenhouse effect.

Bagasse plates and other bagasse tableware production requires large amounts of bagasse, reduced bagasse incineration and restrained carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, after being used, bagasse plates will be biodegraded to produce nutrients needed by soil plants and back to nature.

Sugarcane itself also plays an important role in curbing carbon emissions. Sugarcane is one of the best plants to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

As sugarcane grows, it takes carbon dioxide from the air and converts it into biomass. Sugarcane absorbs more carbon dioxide per hectare during its growth than almost any other plant.

Bagasse plates are zero waste

Sugarcane is made up of 50% water,2% sugar and 48% fiber. The utilization rate of sugarcane has been very low, a small amount of sugarcane is used for sugar production (the sugar content is only 2%), and most of it will be used as fuel.

As the main part of sugarcane (48%), sugarcane fiber can be made into sugarcane plates by pulping and pressing.

Not only that, but the compostable sugarcane plates, after being biodegraded, will feed the soil and encourage plant growth. So, bagasse plates are real zero waste plates.

Renewable & no deforestation

In 2020, global sugarcane production is close to 1.9 billion tons, and this number will continue to rise. This means that nearly 1 billion tons of bagasse are produced every year.

Unlike wood and bamboo, sugarcane is renewable, it grows rapidly with a maturity cycle of less than one year. This avoids cutting down trees, and in terms of environmental sustainability, bagasse plates perform better than other paper plates.

At the same time, a large number of raw materials also make product prices and production capacity more stable.

Enhance your brand image

Protecting the environment, promoting the sustainable development of society, economy and nature is the common goal of the whole world.

The compostable tableware represented by bagasse plate is both naturally degradable and recyclable (pollution-free, uncoated). It has become a perfect solution for food packaging, catering, takeout and other industries.

  • Bagasse plates become the perfect alternative to plastic plates, are easy to use and save time;
  • Bagasse plates are compostable, non-toxic and more eco friendly;
  • Stable raw materials can maintain stable production capacity and prices;
  • With superior product performance, the use of bagasse plates have exploded in the catering and hospitality industry
  • For businesses and retailers, going green will increase your brand loyalty among partners and end users;
  • Really contribute to environmental protection.

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