Ecoure Bagasse Compostable Plates

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Raw Material: bagasse
Size: 6 inches – 12 inches
Color: Natural, white
Shape: Circle, ellipse, rectangle, square
Divider: Flat, 3 compartments
Microwave safety
Logo & pattern customize

Best Selling Plates

Want to wholesale compostable plates? You could start with these popular sizes.
All made from bagasse material, no coating, PFAS free

6 inch bagasse plates

6-inch Compostable Plate

8 inch bagasse plates

8-inch Compostable Plate

9 inch bagasse plates

9-inch Compostable Plate

10 inch bagasse plates with 3 compartments

10-inch Compostable Plate

Bagasse Plate Test Video

Ecoure compostable plates are made of sugarcane bagasse.
They are excellent in water & oil resistance and stronger.

What Ecoure Approved?

Ecoure has many international certifications approved. Ensuring that all products we deliver are of high quality.

FDA approved
Home OK compost approved
COMPOSTER approved
BRC approved

Advantages of Bagasse Plate

Unlike plastic plates and other paper pulp plates, bagasse plates have significant advantages.

100% compostable

Non toxic and uncoated

Microwave safe

Water and oil proof


No felling

Comparison of Different Raw Materials

Why Choose Ecoure?

After thousands of transactions, we found that buyer’s most concerned about the following three issues.
We will provide you with complete and reliable solutions.

Are you reliable?

We have been specialized in this industry more than 10 years, and have more than 2000 partners around the world. We deliver to the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and other regions every day.

Close up of Ecoure paper plate production workshop

Is the product of good quality?

Quality is our culture. Ecoure has achieved 80% mechanical automation, The defective rate of bagasse plates has been reduced to an astonishing level. And traceable quality inspection reports are provided for each order.

Is the price competitive?

First, our quotations always reflect the high quality of the product perfectly. And as a compostable plate manufacturer, you will get better prices without middleman, to help make you more competitive.

FAQs for Wholesaling from Ecoure

Here are some questions about compostable plates wholesale,
hoping to save you time.

How do you guarantee your compostable plates quality?

We have strict control system on material supplier chain and quality ;
We have passed the third-party inspection by many customers;
FDA, COMPOSTED approved;
For bulk orders, we will provide you with test report before shipping.

What customization options do you provide?

We offer many customization options thanks to advanced tooling and printing machines.

  • Customizations of shape, size, deepth, thickness
  • Logo printing
  • Printed patterns, popular for Halloween and Christmas
  • Wedding and party customization
What is the minimum order quantity?

We take our clients seriously, even if they just plan to place a small order. So, please feel free to contact us.

What is the payment method?

Our main method of payment is telegraphic transfer
In some cases, we also accept Western Union, Paypal and credit cards, however, our quotes not include the hand fee.

What is the return policy?

We have advanced automatic production and inspection machines, which can ensure the high quality of products. However, collision during transportation may bring risks. In a word, you always can get the refund with the non-human damaged tableware.

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Ecoure sales team have been in compostable plate industry for 10 years. We are confident to solve any problem for you.

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